Our Music



On the weekend of 13-15 November 2015, we recorded our debut album, “Magnify”. When the vision for liveFire was first conceived in 2010, it was always our intention to release an album and make our songs available to the Church, as “a gift”. For this first album, we have pledged all the proceeds and profits to our local Church’s building fund. As members of a local Church (Kingsway Church International), our desire is to see the Kingdom of God extended into our community through the vessel of the local Church and part of doing so, is to have a facility that can, ultimately, serve both God and the community. As much as we desire to be a blessing to the “Big Picture” of the Church, it’s important that we start by being a blessing to our “home Church”. This album will be available in CD format and on iTunes (and other online services) from mid-December 2015. Watch our Facebook page for updates!

You can listen to the rough recordings of all our songs on SoundCloud. Click on the SoundCloud icon below, and this will take you directly to our public profile. If you like any of these songs and would like to play them in your Church or in your personal quiet times, please feel free to download the chord charts.

If you would like to get involved in or have any questions about future projects, please contact us on info@livefiremusic.com