Who We Are

liveFire is a team of men and women, from a local Church in Amanzimtoti, South Africa called Kingsway Church International or “KCI”. They are all active and dedicated members of the worship team at KCI, devoted to loving Jesus and serving the Church and those not yet in the Church.

The Birth of liveFire
The idea for liveFire was birthed in 2010, when Grant and Dwaine had started writing songs together. It was only 2013, when this idea was grown and developed into a dream – a faith-venture, if you must. The vision we had for liveFire was far bigger than we could see happening in our own power, so the only thing we could lean on was God’s ability to fulfil the vision He had given us.

Where does the name come from?
The name “liveFire” came from our intentions in worship. When we worship, we sing about a Fire that is burning now, not something that has long since died out and we only read about. We also enter into the Presence of God, whose Fire burns currently and has never gone out. Our worship, through song, is also the outward expression of the fire of our devotion to Jesus, that currently rages inside of us. It’s live. It’s happening now. 

The Evolution of the Team
liveFire started with Grant and Dwaine in 2010 and in the first half of 2013, Reg joined and began writing songs with them. Leon and Nathan joined the team later in August of the same year. However, by the end of 2013, Reg moved to Mtunzini (2 hours north of Amanzimtoti) and is currently a “long-distance” member of our team and in February 2014, we invited Jonathan to join the team as our Lead Guitarist. We continued to write songs and transform Grant’s garage into our practice studio, which we call “SWS” (Song Writing Sanctuary), and a few months later we invited Nathan, Leon and Jonathan’s wives (Carien, Janine and Lesleigh) to join the team as female vocalists. Grant’s wife, Lisa, later joined the team as our “Minister of Home Affairs”.