Our Vision



Equip the Worshipper
Our heartĀ is to see worship teams equipped to lead their relevant Churches into the Presence of God and facilitate His Presence well. Through our own experience in leading worship and being equipped by various outside influences, ourselves, we hope to share our heart for Jesus and the worship of Him. How we aim to do this is through Biblical and practical teaching. We’d also like to us sharing our skills with worship teams. As musicians, we have all been playing our instruments and have been part of worship teams for more than a decade and have the desire to raise up musicians within the Church who can lead worship with excellence.

Disciple the Believer
So often, as musicians, we can run ahead of the Church and feel frustrated because we don’t know why they aren’t engaging God the way we are. We forget that worshipping is not always easy for those who aren’t worship leaders/musicians. This can ultimately be changed through discipling believers within the local Church. Our heart is to launch worship teams into the arena of discipling, engaging their Churches and leading them to a place where they stand in awe of God and can do nothing else, but worship Him.

Cultivate Hearts of Worship
Worship is not just a Sunday thing. Neither is it an exclusively singing thing. It’s a lifestyle. Our heart is to see Churches and Worship Teams being so overwhelmed by God, that their very livesĀ are transformed and cultivated into vessels of worship. To cultivate means to grow and prepare. This requires a culture of worship to be formed, rooted in awe, prepared by those who lead the Church into worship. If the worship team desires to see the Church engaging God, they need to live what they desire to see.